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Understanding Moving Insurance and Liability

If you're wondering about moving insurance, remember that no matter how careful your movers are, accidents can happen. Boxes can be bumped or dropped or shift during transit and no amount of research will guarantee the safe arrival of your goods. Every day, we move heavy bulky objects through narrow doorways and up and down tight stairwells. Even though we may take all proper precautions to avoid damage, it does happen on occasion.

All movers in Illinois are required to offer liability insurance coverage of $0.30 per pound per article. This is included in your base move price and does not cost any extra money. As such, it is the most economical option available and the one most commonly chosen.

If you want greater protection, movers are permitted to offer additional liability insurance coverage issued by third party insurance companies. This optional insurance provides coverage for household as well as office goods while in transit or in a storage facility. Although movers are not permitted to sell this additional coverage themselves, or profit from it, we do make it available to our customers and do all of the leg work to arrange for the coverage for our customers.

This additional liability insurance coverage costs $0.60 per $100 in valuation and you must insure the entire load for fair market value. It takes a few days to get the coverage bound and a policy issued by the insurance company, so be sure to place your order for this coverage at the time you book your move. You may also order this coverage yourself through the several specialty insurance companies which sell this coverage. If you purchase additional liability coverage you will deal directly with the insurance company in the event of a claim.

In addition, some homeowner and renters insurance policies cover household goods in transit. So check your policy before purchasing additional liability coverage.


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